How can I Benefit from Hiring an Attorney to Help me with Traffic Violations in Licking County Ohio?

What Are Traffic Violations?

Traffic violations usually involve getting a ticket and having to pay a fine. Offenses are either moving or non-moving violations, and include failure to signal, speeding, failure to yield right-of-way, driving with expired plates, seat belt violations, improper turns, and driving an uninsured vehicle, to name a few. Each traffic violation has different fines, penalties and requirements. Sometimes you may just have to pay a fine. At other times, you are required to appear in court.

Why Do I Need To Worry About Traffic Violations?

Why should you worry about a traffic violation? Why does a ticket for an invalid inspection sticker matter? The list of reasons is very long. Every state has its own system for handling traffic violations. Most states have different traffic courts in each municipality, and they all have their own rules and point systems. Do you know whether your traffic violation will go on your driving record? Will it affect your insurance rates? Will ignoring your ticket result in a warrant for your arrest or suspension of your driver’s license? Could your insurance company drop you? May you lose your job if your license is suspended? These are a few reasons a minor traffic violation should be taken seriously.

Can An Attorney Help Me With My Traffic Violations?

Attorney John I. Peters works solely to keep minor traffic violations from affecting his clients. He works closely with municipal prosecutors and judges every day and understands the different rules of each traffic court. He knows which traffic violations have fines that can be reduced or whether a certain traffic court allows driving school or probation. Mr. Peters can get fines reduced, keep tickets off of your driving record and even fight for you in court to get your ticket dismissed.

 How Can I Benefit From Hiring An Attorney For My Traffic Violations?

Consulting with Attorney Peters can save you time, money and hassles down the road. He has special knowledge of traffic violations, so they can give you all your options and help you navigate through the various traffic court systems, which can be widely different from one town to the next. Depending on your situation, hiring Mr. Peters could help to get fines reduced or keep ticket off your driving record, saving you money and keeping you from worrying about getting a warrant or losing your license.

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