What can Happen to Me if I Don’t Hire an Attorney to Defend my Misdemeanor Charge?

One of the worst things that can happen to a person who does not hire an experienced attorney Like John I. Peters is that they get a conviction and be sentenced to the maximum term in jail and fines that are associated with the crime that they are accused of. In most states the maximum time allotted in jail for a guilty defendant is 12 months. Fines are also regularly assessed against misdemeanor violators, and these can range from under $100 to several thousand.

When a person is defending against the accusation of violating a law that carries the misdemeanor title, That makes it a criminal and not a civil violation. If a defendant is found guilty and is sentenced to pay a fine, it is nonetheless counted as a criminal conviction and the matter that no time in jail was needed is inconsequential.

Having a criminal conviction on a person’s record can result in the loss of professional licensing, government contracting capabilities, and employment opportunities that would otherwise remain open to citizens with civil complications. These and several other consequences can remain in place for years to come and in some instances remain in force even if the crime is later expunged or otherwise administratively reduced or removed.

Hiring your own attorney is always advised for those who can afford to or can find others ways to pay for their services. Public attorneys in their own right might be just as qualified and educated as a lawyer for hire, but there are a few reasons they do not perform as effectively as one appointed by the judge in cases of indigence. Most public defender offices are constantly swamped with cases, allowing for less time and effort available for application to each defending case. Statistics have shown a direct relationship between the amount of time applied to each individual case and the ability to receive adequate legal counsel. Being a lawyer is not always about the ability to argue a situation in front of the prosecution and the deciding judge or jury. Much of the work that Attorney Peters does in order to protect your rights and make sure that you get a fair trial often goes on behind the scenes and takes a lot more time and effort than most people think.

Hiring Attorney John I. Peters allows you to find counsel in a specific field of specialty instead of relying on a public defender who might be looking forward to a career in prosecution but is taking a case pro bono to fulfill bar requirements.

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