How the Right Attorney can Help With Your Adoption Process

 When to Adopt?

Adoption has often been said to occur when “a child grew in the heart of the mommy, not the tummy”. One seeking to adopt a child should realize that adoption affects everybody involved, including the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child. One could benefit from seeking an attorney to help ease the whole adoption process.

How does one recognize a good Adoption Attorney?

Attorney John I. Peters understands the importance of family, love, and acceptance. He or she will seek the best interest and safety of everybody involved. He works well with social workers, adoption agencies, state departments, and birth mothers to ensure your process gets desired results.

Mr. Peters understands the many different emotions involved when an adoption takes place. He will be sensitive to everybody’s feelings, understanding that the decision to adopt is a life altering decision.

What should the birth mother expect?

A birth mother should expect that the process at times can be difficult, yet  adoption is a very loving and courageous act. Adoption attorney John I. Peters understands the difficulty of this decision and will aid the birth mother in deciding between open, semi-open, or closed adoptions. In addition, Mr. Peters will assist the birth mother in selecting the adoptive family and deciding how to manage fees and medical expenses. He will act as a mentor and counselor to the birth mother through the entire process.

What type of adoption cases can Attorney Peters assist?

Most adoption attorneys will handle relative adoptions, grandparent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, closed adoptions, open adoptions, semi-open adoptions, adoption from the foster care system, foreign adoptions, adult adoptions, and name changes. He is able to help anybody at any stage of an adoption process.

Mr. Peters will help the birth mother to relinquish their baby legally and confidentially with good caregivers. This process prevents the baby from being abandoned or directly harmed, which is in the best interest of the child. The purpose of confidential adoption is to prevent infant death and trauma that occurs from unsafe abandonment.

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